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“… a gleaming, shimmering sound that seems to emerge with little or no effort, floating on a seemingly inexhaustible stream of breath. One must appreciate the flawless legato line with which she sings even the most difficult of these songs, and the easy warmth with which she rides the highest climaxes.” -Gregory Berg reviewing the CD ‘Experience’ for the Journal of Singing.

A superb exponent of contemporary American songs, soprano Natalie Mann has a voice that is simultaneously strong and tender, passionate and subtle. Her phrasing is sensitive to the texts and unfailingly musical. She never grandstands, and her most touching moments are often the quiet ones, but she can turn on the power when necessary. Often I find myself complaining about shrieky, inappropriately operatic voices when reviewing releases of American art song. Such is not the case here. The repertory in this program is ideal for Mann’s gifts.” – Sullivan, American Record Guide.